Sunday, June 23, 2013

Tigard Festival of Balloons

It seems like the festival season never ends around here. Saturday night I ventured out to cook park for the Festival of Balloons. Hot air balloons are massive and range from your traditional light bulb shape to funky purple people eaters with claws. 

They were doing what's called a glow. The balloons were all grounded and were lit up with flame inside. The glow was absolutely beautiful. It's surprising how quickly those balloons can come down. 

The above picture shows my entry ticket and groovy ladybug initiation stamp. They had an awesome fundraiser charging $1 for rides up and down the steep hill (from parking lot to the venue), on the back of bouncy golf carts. 

What festival would be complete without rides, games, and entertainment for the kiddies? The ducky game was the cutest and the haunted mansion was not so scary, but really fun to laugh at. 

Festivals are a blast. Next weekend June 29th I'm headed to World Beat festival in Salem OR. See you there! 

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