Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My love for Ruby Woo

It wasn't until a year ago that I got into make up in a serious way. I liked the stuff but wasn't really sure what to do with half of it. In addition I bought everything frosty or shimmer and didn't know what looked good on me.

YouTube is a great resource for tutorials and product info so I started my research there. It's was on YouTube that I discovered my darling Ruby Woo. 

One shade of lipstick I saw on many skin tones that looked fantastic every time was Ruby Woo. Ruby Woo doesn't pull out my olive and blue undertones, making me look sick. It adds a bit of warmth to my face without being too loud or over the top. 

Truth be told I love Ruby Woo more than I like Riri Woo. Some complain about the texture of retro matte lipsticks but I like it. Having fuller lips I often shy away from bold colors but I discovered it was the shiny texture that I didn't like. A lip pencil was recommended to help with feathering but I decided to forego it, and haven't had any issues with feathering. I'm also careful to moisturize my lips before using retro mattes, otherwise I get this chapped lip caked look.  

I'm really loving MAC's retro mattes. What are your favorite shades?

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Feda said...

lovee rubywoo! I'm very light skinned and it seems to look good on every skin tone...and I really love the matte texture too! I wish they made more in that formula. Thanks for sharing your makeup adventures! Love your mehndhi work!