Black Henna

Keeping it short and to the point, black henna isn't henna at all. Black henna is a compound of synthetic chemicals and dyes PPD, that are applied to the skin in the same way that natural beautiful henna is applied. The major difference? Natural henna is safe and temporary. Black henna, can cause ugly and sometimes permanent scaring. With regular use or repeated exposure to black henna, it can cause certain types of cancer. Black henna is toxic and should be avoided.

Look how pretty black henna can make your skin

Common stupid things people say about black henna
-It only bothers people with sensitive skin
-It's a part of my culture
-It only does that to white people
-I only use the safe black henna, not the dangerous stuff
-Black henna isn't dangerous
-I don't want black henna, I want darka henna, you know?
-If you use it a lot then you wont have bad reactions anymore
-The women in my family use it all the time and we're fine
-Natural henna wont stain my skin, my skin is too dark, so I have to use black henna

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How can you protect yourself from black henna?
Ask questions! If the artist applying your henna does not know what's in their paste, don't allow them to apply it to your skin. If any "henna artist" offers black henna, avoid them! If the "henna" has a toxic or chemical smell, stay far far away. If the packaging on henna tubes or cones say anything about black henna, don't use it. My best advice is to mix your own henna paste, or hire henna artists that uses natural henna.

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