Monday, January 18, 2016

This blog has moved and I have a new website!

After hosting my blog on this platform for many years I've decided to use a new platform that is integrated with Free Hand Mehndi's new website. This blog will remain published but not updated until I determine the best way to continue using the blogger platform to further promote the art of henna.

Comments will not be responded to, I recommend that you stop by and leave your comments on the new blog located at

I am excited to announce the relaunch of Free Hand Mehndi's online store It has been years since the original site closed and I am excited to be back in business. Please shop my new website at where you'll find a full line of henna body art supplies, the new blog, and the new henna for beginners section.

I can't wait to connect share and inspire. Thank you for your support!

Friday, December 12, 2014

FREE Beginner henna patterns

In the midst of this chaos I call life, I manage to knock out beginner henna designs from time to time. Four designs with details broken down in the lower portion of each page. Practice each detail, and then put the design together. I hope you find these templates helpful. Please feel free to print, save, and/or share (if sharing online, please include and link back to this blog).

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Metallic Temp Tattoos Shimmer Shimmer for big girls

I recently decided to try out a different type of temp tattoo. These metallic temp tattoos have been around for a minute, and were really popular in the summer. I think they're cute and add a bit of shimmer for us grown ups. 

They're super easy to use and cheap if you purchase them from the right place. I've seen high end designers pricing them over $100 to just $5/sheet. I didn't do too much shopping around before I made my purchase, I got this sheet for $4.99 plus shipping.

All that's needed are scissors and a sponge or pad with water. They're super easy to apply and take literally seconds to dry. I followed the directions in the etsy listing I purchased them from since instructions didn't come in the package. If you've ever used a kiddie temp tattoo, it's pretty self explanatory and works the exact same way. 

I peeled off the clear film and stuck the paper design face down on my finger, and dabbed a damp pad on the back. Left it for 30 seconds (as directed), and peeled it off. It applied evenly without any missing or torn parts. 

The sparkle is very subtle, so I could see wearing these to work without catching too much attention, or looking cheap. The temp tattoo bends with your skin, so there isn't any cracking or peeling around my knuckles. Pretty cool!

I'll probably add some of these to my henna tattoos as well (follow me on instagram for those pics).
I purchased my tattoo flash sheet from etsy seller flashtattooshop out of Texas. I'm very pleased with my purchase and will probably be back when the need should arise. 

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Indian Henna Motif

I decided to practice a little bit today and turned on the camera to document my fun. Yes, even pro henna artists should practice. When I don't practice I notice an increase in hand cramps, and my lines get a bit wobbly as well.

Recently I decided to only take on bridal clients or special projects. I no longer do henna parties so a majority of my practice is brushing up on my bridal henna skills.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Let's get ready for Diwali

It's that time of year again and henna is appropriate for just about every celebration. I created this video per viewer request. I created the design myself and it will be featured in an upcoming ebook. I love the double mandala connected by dainty jewelry like chains.

Hope you enjoy and Happy Holidays!

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Sojat Supreme Rajasthani Henna Powder

After many many many months of testing she's ready! Sojat Supreme is my very own henna powder, milled just how I like it, stringy, and stains super dark. This stuff is super smooth and drapes like a dream. 

Over the years I've sampled henna powders from all over SE Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. Each henna from each region has a unique consistency. When I was dreaming about the perfect henna powder I needed the stringy texture of Morocco, the stability of the Punjab Region, and the rich stains of the Middle East. My dream came true in the form of Sojat Supreme, a henna powder from Sojat Rajasthan India.

In addition to my testing I sent this amazing powder out to several other artists to try. Below are their results. 

So here are the specs...
Sojat Supreme 2015 Crop
Lawsone Dye Content 2.89%
Harvested Rajasthan India
Triple Sifted
Free from chemicals and artificial dyes

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Friday, September 5, 2014

Who hasn't seen or applied this henna design yet?

Finally a tutorial by yours truly! There are several variations of this design floating around the webs, but I took a my copy from @hudabeauty on instagram. I'd like to give credit to @hennabydivya who I was told is the original designer of this pattern, it was lots of fun to apply and has been insanely popular with my customers. I've altered this design slightly a few times on some of my clients, it has a very "gulfy" look and feel to it.