Want to reach your target customer and not break your advertising budget? The Free Hand Mehndi Blog is a great place to start and save money in the process. We offer the following forms of advertisement.

Advertise right here on our blog. We'll post your text or image with link. We are currently offering advertisement placement in a banner ad across the top of the blog, in the side bar, the bottom bar, and banner placement in some of our most popular blog post themselves. Would you like us to write an article about your product or service? We'd love to!

We offer paid and sponsored advertising in our youtube videos, by product placement, product reviews, giveaways, and tutorials. We reserve the right to refuse advertisement of products that do not meet our quality standards. Sponsorship through product gifting does not guarantee a favorable review by Free Hand Mehndi. We are required by the FTC to state clearly that a video is sponsored or that a product is/was gifted, and FHM abides by those regulations.

Advertisers must provide all of their own artwork and text, FHM does not provide design services. We reserve the right to refuse artwork that directly impacts the integrity and design flow of the blog or our youtube videos. We are more than happy to supply you with traffic stats and recommendations that will best suit your advertising needs.

We welcome henna and body art supply companies, ethnic or religious clothing and jewelry designers/suppliers, cultural clubs, henna powder manufacturers, henna artists, writers and publishers, graphic artists, make-up artists, and everyone else.

Please contact us for rates and details.

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