Thursday, June 13, 2013

A little under the weather

I've been feeling a little sluggish, a little bleh for the past few days. My blogging has suffered as a direct result but I'm on the mend. 

In an attempt to get healthier I've decided to walk more often. I take it very seriously and find myself walking for hours around the city. To make it fun I've been exploring the sights and sounds of Portland Oregon. 

Yesterday I headed out to the sauna and on my way home I bumped into Portland's very own mini White House. I didn't know we had one but apparently we do and it's pretty cool. 

I love historic homes and mansions. While visiting Louisiana several years ago I had a blast looking at all the sites and learning about their colorful history. In Portland many of these homes are privately owned and maintained so its best to keep a distance. I'd love to do a photo shoot here, something presidential and henna related hmmmm.

Oh, and I almost stepped on that slug too. Had to get down on the sidewalk to get that pic. 

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