Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A brand spankin new year

I recently returned to the blogger/youtube game after an almost 2 year hiatus. In that time my life has changed loads. I've moved a bunch, lost, gained, struggled, and now I'm planning. No resolutions on my list, but goals and lots of hard work. All my personal stuff I'll leave off, but I certainly have goals for Free Hand Mehndi.

Regroup and refocus. I left Free Hand Mehndi a giant mess with any and everything unfinished. Unprocessed orders/refunds, over 10,000 emails unanswered, and unfinished projects/contracts. I've spent the last few months ironing things out and cleaning up the giant mess I left. My goal is to have everything settled by March 31st. This means I need to hear from you. If you're due a refund from FHM or we have an unsettled contract I need you to contact me by March 1st.

Upgrade! My camera and editing equipment is in dire need of upgrade. I want to bring you clear crisp video and images, and professionally edited content. I'm working on it. For now things might be a bit murky but trust me, I'm working towards better equipment.

More fun stuff. I get a lot of requests for videos, classes, and even meetups. I hope to be able to make it to at least 3 major cities for meetups in 2014. I want to see your beautiful faces and have tons o henna fun.

Online store. A bulk of my mistakes and failures came about through my online store and retail store. I have a lot of cleaning up to do in this area. As soon as I came back to youtube the first question many asked is if the online store was coming back and how soon could they order. At that time I wasn't sure if that was possible and replied that the online store was not coming back.

 I unfortunately lost my domain name due to my expired bank card, but that's easily fixable. Got locked out of my website because I forgot the password (easily recovered). I messed up big time and lost the trust of my long time viewers and customers (one of my biggest regrets), and this is not easily fixable. I appreciate all of the love, forgiveness, and kindness many of you have shown. Simply opening an online store is something I can do tomorrow, but I'd be setting FHM up for failure I'm sure of it. My mission is to make things right, and it takes time to do that. I need to gain back the trust and respect from my long time viewers and give you my best, in 2014 I intend to do just that.

With all of that said, the online store will reopen in 2014 (no date has been decided at this time). Henna is my passion and I intend to make it my business permanently. At one time I had a lot of success in the online henna business and I hope through hard work that I'll have the same and better than I once had. Sadly the retail store will not reopen.

Searching for the perfect henna powder. I'm on a mission to find the perfect henna powder. Something better than my Monsoon? You bet! It may mean I have to travel, and I'm more than ready to do just that. This is a labor of love and I'm super excited about this project.

I hope that 2014 is a great year for you, and that you grow in your craft and creativity. Heres to better days ahead! **Happy New Year**

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Nix said...

It is so good to see you back. I really enjoyed looking at your videos and wondered what had happened to you and if everything was okay. You have been incredibly generous in posting your instructional videos and I hope that you are successful in getting everything back on track. Best of luck to you and happy new year.