Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Random Henna Inspiration at Midnight

I like to call this Mehndi Midnight Madness. Around midnight my mind is flooded with design ideas. Sometimes I sketch the designs out, other times I ignore the design flow and try to sleep, but these days I'm reaching for a henna cone and bringing these ideas to life.

For the last few nights Morocco has been my inspiration. I'm considering a whole month on youtube dedicated to Moroccan inspired henna designs. Last nights midnight madness I had khamsa/hamsa's on the brain, and geometric shapes and patterns. The typical Moroccan Henna outlines just wouldn't do. The outline of the ring and middle finger with no filler was perfect. I couldn't add or remove from this. Now that it's on skin I can sleep.

When that burst of creativity comes at midnight, how do you cope?

Below are pics of my most recent midnight henna madness

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Melanie said...

it looks really beautiful and actually doesn't look to hard to recreate! thank you for sharing you midnight-madness ;)

marilyn scott said...

Your selections of freehand mehandi designs look really easy to make. Thanks for sharing inspiration!

Cheers and more power xxx
Marilyn Scott

Prasad Kumar said...

Very nice collection of bridal mendhi designs. My sister who's about to get married soon are looking for fresh mehndi designs so I thought that I should recommend some to her and this will definitely good to do. Thank you for the nice post.