Saturday, January 11, 2014

Nisha Davdra Review and Hijabi friendly style ideas

I've loved Indian jewelry since forever. I love the elegance, and the timeless style. Most blingy statement necklaces you find at your local forever 21 and the like, are very similar to traditional style Indian Kundan Sets. I was very excited to get these pieces and happy that I can share them with all of you.

I've been a long time subscriber of Nisha Davdra aka hennafied (youtube). She has some awesome style videos, hair and make up tutorials. She recently started a jewelry line and I was happy to have some of her hand selected pieces become a part of my jewelry collection. I personally love Nisha's style and attention to detail, so I knew these pieces would be perfection. I just wrapped up a review for three pieces from her collection. You can watch my review here...

I'm a hijabi and wear my headscarf in public 100% of the time. I'd also like to be able to wear my beautiful new Indian jewelry too. There are many tutorials online on how to wear a damini aka maang tikka with hijab so I just followed those. You can also wear earrings if you show yours ears (I don't). I used the earring from the kundan set as a fancy dangly hijab pin (make sure the earring back is snug and not loose). The necklace can be work by pulling the knot on the dory all the way to the end, making the necklace as long as possible and then wearing it around your neck. The necklace can also be placed on the head and worn in a similar way that I'm wearing the damani.

I'm super impressed with the Nisha Davdra jewelry collection and look forward to owning more of her pieces. You can shop her website at, click here to watch and subscribe to her youtube channel.

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